Zinn Brilliant

Client: Zinn Brilliant/Paperkite Creative*
Brand Articulation, Naming, Tagline, Website Content, Social Media Coaching

The Needs:
The company makes an amazing product: Hand-crafted tin ornaments created on genuine, one-of-a-kind historic molds using traditional techniques. What they lacked was a full picture of their product’s potential and audience, which they assumed was primarily composed of older, female, church-craft-fair types. With almost no social media presence, and an outdated website, there was little chance a new audience might find them.

The Solutions:
As always, we began with our Brand Articulation process, which helped us identify several audience segments, craft three distinct Audience Personas and create a name, tagline, messaging and visual branding that appealed to a younger, more urban “maker” aesthetic. An updated website – with an emphasis on telling the story of both the business owners, as well as the original designer of the historic molds – also integrated compelling video and regularly updated social media content.

*Projects with this client were done through Paperkite Creative

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