Hamilton, New York

Client: Hamilton, New York/Paperkite Creative*
Brand Articulation, Tagline

The Needs:
It sounds like a recipe for frustration: A committee composed of about a dozen members who all represent different (often competing) community interests come together in search of a destination brand that will draw more tourism, retain and grow the local population of young professionals and serve as a springboard for community branding downtown and beyond.

The Solutions:
There’s some kind of magic that happens when you bring people together, genuinely listen to their ideas and give them honest ownership of the project. Our Brand Articulation process not only incorporates that magic, but relies on it. By guiding the committee through a unique set of exercises, we honed-in on the qualities that make Hamilton a distinct place to visit and live. We identified the primary, secondary and tertiary audiences for the brand. With close committee participation and feedback every step of the way, we narrowed half a dozen logo concepts and a couple dozen taglines into a branded identity that had real investment from the full committee, who became enthusiastic brand ambassadors as we launched it to the full community.

Check it Out: Local News Coverage on the new identity launch: “Warm Hearts, Cool Culture” – that’s Hamilton

*This project was done through Paperkite Creative.

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